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Wisdom street lamp

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  • Name:The wisdom of the rooster - Street
  • Time:2017-06-21 09:23:14
  • Description:
  • Smart city, from the wisdom of lighting began, intelligent lighting relies on street lighting intelligent control system to achieve, street lighting wisdom
    The system can combine GPRS and power line carrier or ZIBEE communication technology to realize the intelligent management of street lamps

    Main functions of the "rooster" wisdom street:
    1, LED lighting LED lighting
    2. Human-computer interaction Interactive
    3, a key alarm, One-key, alarm
    4. Atmospheric monitoring Atmospheric monitoring
    5, LED display screen LED screen
    6, electric vehicle charging pile The, electric, car, charging
    7. Audio system Sound systen
    8, wireless network WIFI
    "The rooster" wisdom Street four characteristics:
    1, minimalism
    2, a variety of applications
    3, flexible combination
    4, energy saving and environmental protection

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