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Purchase outdoor lighting tools

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First, the choice of outdoor Flashlight - from outdoor flashlight performance considerations
1, high reliability
Outdoor sports require the lighting tools "readily available", and the poor reliability of lighting tools, which can not work at the critical moment, is fatal, and the most serious can lead to life-threatening. Therefore, high reliability is the most important principle of choosing outdoor flashlights.
2, waterproof performance is good
The relative home, outdoors is the first problem to be solved is waterproof, waterproof standard reassuring is of course IPX-8, outdoor flashlight soaked in shallow water (usually 2 meters) can be used normally, of course against rain would be nothing difficult, in a sense, also belong to the contents of outdoor waterproof reliability.
3, good life
Outdoor activities can not carry a lot of batteries, so try to use high efficiency outdoor flashlights, to ensure that there is sufficient brightness and long endurance. It's best to have a low light flashlight that can last more than a few hours, so that it can be illuminated for more than a week in extreme cases.
4, high brightness
Outdoor environment is complex, no one can guarantee you will face what kind of situation, in need of high brightness lighting, flashlight is powerless, is very dangerous.
Therefore, a high brightness outdoor flashlight is the necessary lighting tools, especially for unfamiliar sections of the exploration, outdoor flashlight highest brightness is best over 100 lumens.
5, compact and light
Outdoor flashlight should be as small as possible, light weight, carrying out without increasing weight, save physical strength, general personal outdoor electric torch is best controlled within 100g. Of course, powerful outdoor flashlights require greater spending on weight and size.
6, dimmer dimming
You can choose the most appropriate brightness while camping, walking, searching, and so on, while saving your valuable electricity reasonably. At the same time, multi file dimming technology has also spawned a number of auxiliary functions, such as SOS distress signal, when encountered dangerous, you can ask for help Moss password, search and rescue people for help. In addition, there are explosive flash function, you in emergency situations, wild animals or bad intentions of the people, open the flash flash function in a timely manner to make the other side of the eyes short blindness, then you can take advantage of this opportunity to escape.
7 brightness constant
Work in the outdoor flashlight battery at the same time, with more and more low voltage energy consumption, the brightness of traditional flashlight also decreased, the lighting effect gradually becomes poor, such as flashlight brightness down to a certain extent has been unable to provide proper lighting, only replace the battery, and then to the battery and half power, so this part of electricity is wasted.
The latest constant current circuit technology is to solve the problem, lighting tools through the use of this technology can maintain the same brightness in actual use, to provide a more comfortable lighting experience, and more effective use of electricity.
8 、 the battery is easy to obtain
Outdoor flashlights are best suited for batteries that can be bought in stores around the world, even in small mountain villages. In most cases, the ideal battery for this feature is the AA battery. But considering the small battery capacity of AA batteries, now large capacity rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (18650 batteries) and cold resistant disposable lithium batteries (CR123A batteries) are also recommended batteries.
Two, outdoor flashlight choice - according to the use of choice
1, hiking
Hiking does not require too high brightness, because the time is longer, you can try to choose some lighter flashlight, and at the same time have a longer endurance. In general, outdoor flashlights need to take into account both moderate light and moderate light. However, the team leader still needs a flashlight with higher brightness, and has a certain range, which is more convenient for exploring the terrain.
2 camping
The light must be better, the brightness of demand is low, but need to choose life for a long time outdoor flashlight, best can more continuous night lighting, this outdoor flashlight has advantages in convenience and cost.
3 and night rides
Because of the speed, so it needs very good brightness, while the endurance time also has higher requirements, it is best to continuously lighting for 4 hours. Floodlights are important for night riding, and the spotlight should not be too crowded. Night riding flashlight is not sensitive to weight, so in order to meet the performance requirements, you can choose a larger flashlight, pay more attention to whether it is conducive to operation, and whether it is convenient to install the handlebar.
Night riding flashlight, must choose not easy to jump gear outdoor flashlight, otherwise prefer to choose a single file does not adjust the light of flashlight. Because in the severe turbulence, flashlight jump gear, will bring unpredictable serious consequences!
4, search
The demand for brightness is almost as bright as possible, and the range is equally important. Weight and volume have to be placed in the second place. Consider the choice of light and large outdoor flashlights.
5, caving
The tunnel environment is dangerous, but the rocks with low reflectance, so the outdoor must be high brightness flashlight! There is water in the cave. The outdoor flashlight is generally required. It has good waterproof property, and the dangerous situation at hand may require the flashlight to be strong and durable. It can withstand the impact and fall of stone without damaging it.
6, EDC
EDC is the abbreviation of Every Day Carry, which means carrying a flashlight. Such outdoor flashlight is generally a micro standby flashlight, must be small and light, so easy to carry, ready to use. In some emergency situations, it is this kind of carry around flashlight that can be saved

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