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The key to rotating outdoor LED display design

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Rotary outdoor LED display screen is a kind of synchronous control led by (outdoor LED display) new screen position and lighting state to realize the graphic display, because of its novel structure, low cost, the visual range of up to 360 degrees and got rapid development, its core technology is the synchronous precision control of outdoor LED display with light emitting position state. Rotating display device of outdoor LED display only one column, and the column of outdoor LED display outdoor LED display by the constant speed drive rotation, while the control circuit of outdoor LED display lighting state of the synchronous control of the motor, each turned a certain angle, display the contents of this column of outdoor LED displays a change and in the rotation to any position has a unique display content determined, i.e. rotating outdoor LED display screen is used by the column display, and the use of mechanical rotation to substitute the scanning display.
Rotating outdoor LED display principle is not complicated, and its hardware structure is relatively simple, but to make the rotating outdoor LED display can stably display the set of images or text, we need to overcome three technical difficulties:
1. power supply for control circuit of rotating screen. When the system works, the control circuit rotates with the rotor of the motor. Therefore, it is difficult to provide a stable power supply for the rotating control circuit and the outdoor LED display.
2. rotating screen horizontal display drag picture problem. As the rotating screen adopts a single row outdoor LED display, the rotating scan realizes cylindrical image display, which makes the image points appear viscous on the horizontal and form a shadow phenomenon.
3. display brightness is insufficient, because the working principle of outdoor LED display screen rotation determines compared with the planar outdoor LED display common display, each column time is much less, so the brightness will be greatly reduced.
To make the design of rotating outdoor LED display have better display effect, it is necessary to solve these three problems in design. For the power supply of rotating outdoor LED display, it is a simple and reliable method to supply power to the system by using an electric brush which is fixed on the base and a rotating metal guide rail or a metal axle. The design of this paper is to provide a constant 12V DC voltage through the brush, and then convert the DC-DC chip into 2.5V, 3.3V, 5V and other voltage to maintain the control system work. Solving the lateral drag of the rotating screen is mainly based on the characteristics of the rotating scan, inserting a full black time slot between the two column pixels, thus eliminating the viscosity of the two image display points. To solve the problem of insufficient brightness of the display, the design does not continue to increase the outdoor LED display lamp brightness under the condition of the use of four columns of outdoor LED display lights to turn display each pixel of each rotation on the screen, so the brightness invariant in the rotation rate under the condition is four times of the original.

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