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The five factors affecting urban lighting design are discussed

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Today, the rapid development of urbanization, urban lighting facilities to promote the ever-changing, and constantly follow up. As a city's lighting, it meets the needs of general public travel and traffic, and gradually rises to reflect the cultural characteristics of the city, from the functional lighting to green lighting. As a city lighting designers, whether it is the overall planning and design of city lighting, lighting or regional planning, or design a lane street, all this must consider the overall planning of the city and the natural environment, cultural characteristics, economic development level and other factors first, only in this way can we both can satisfy the function of city lighting, but also fully embodies the city lighting personality, city lighting to avoid thousands of city side phenomenon, to achieve ideal effect in city lighting. Therefore, the factors affecting the urban lighting design are the problems that must be faced in the construction of urban lighting. Several factors affecting urban lighting design are discussed in this paper.
I. natural environment factors
The natural environment is extremely complex and rich natural complex, there are many areas have not been recognized, or understanding is not deep, just waiting for people to discover and explore. The natural environment discussed here focuses on the natural environment directly related to the biosphere, that is, the natural environment directly related to landscape lighting. According to the nature of environmental factors and their adaptation to human beings, natural environment can be divided into physical environment, chemical environment, biological environment and social environment.
1, physical environment
The physical environment consists of temperature, air flow, air pressure, sound, light, radiation and so on. These factors in the natural state, will give people a direct stimulus, people will feel accordingly, and reflect the behavior. Among these factors, the direct contact with the landscape lighting design is "light"". Light is a kind of language expression, lighting designers design ideas and artistic pursuit; light is a kind of implicit software, control of the city and the function of the building and operation of the image and the color of the light is deductive; the "four-dimensional space building". Therefore, landscape lighting designers in lighting design, should take the initiative to understand, understand the use of light, light, and actively participate in the design of light environment, light into their planning and creation, as the city and buildings by "light" add "color".
2. Chemical environment
The composition of chemical environment includes air and various gases, water, dust, chemicals and so on. The oxidation of the lamp, the corrosion of water to the lamp and the obstruction of the dust to the light will affect the final result of the landscape design. Therefore, landscape lighting designers in the choice of lamps, are required to waterproof, dust level to a certain standard, that is usually referred to as IP protection level.
3. Biological environment
The biological environment is made up of animals, plants and microorganisms, and human beings as biological beings are also included. When a building needs landscape lighting design, it should take into account the species, growth and distribution of local animals and plants, as well as the present and future development laws. In the building itself lighting design, but also to the surrounding flowers, trees, rest facilities such as auxiliary design, thus forming a complete lighting landscape overall.
4, social environment
Social environment refers to the humanistic environment centered on human relationships. It covers a wide range and has a certain impact on landscape lighting design.
Two, the human environment factors
The human environment is a very comprehensive and comprehensive ecological environment peculiar to human society, including politics, culture, art, science, religion, aesthetics and so on. The perfect human environment must be in conformity with nature, and it is the protection and perfection of the natural environment. Environment is the reflection of cultural accumulation, while culture is also slowly affecting the environment. For a city, a fixed environment should include roads, buildings, gardens, lights, lawns and so on. However, when people are integrated into it, people are prosperous and have mobility. Communication between people and the environment can take away the culture of the environment, while the environment also influences people's ideas. This is what we often mentioned in the movement, there are static, static, dynamic, static and dynamic mutual relationship.
Human environment is one of the most important factors that affect lighting design. Design of lighting designers do, actually is to create an atmosphere, a contrast to the culture, the culture is a kind of objective existence, you may be invisible, but you can feel from, and deduce your feelings, affect your mood. The modern city too many roads, buildings and landscape lighting as a whole, always feel a little stiff, because too much emphasis on lighting technology, ignoring the cultural status, make people feel that is receiving something in the passive. The lighting focus should be natural and harmonious, so designers in the design, should be considered to roads, buildings and landscape layout, line, color, proportion, scale, light, texture, rhythm and rhyme, to allow the viewers to actively seek, mining, experience, consider one grade. Designer's responsibility is to create a comfortable environment, lighting and atmosphere, to guide people to the good, to let people take the initiative in the pursuit of good, to give people a comfortable and relaxed mood.
There are bad aspects of the human environment, such as light pollution, visual pollution, color pollution and psychological pollution. Look at the lights from the existing lighting,

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