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2014 lighting LED demand will exceed backlight LED

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The United States DisplaySearch in the "twenty-first annual DisplaySearch forum" (July 2011 27 ~ 28 days) on the prediction of the LED market in a speech is expected to LED lighting demand according to the amount of calculation will be almost equal to LED and in 2014 more than backlight, LED backlight. Speaking to the company, LED senior analyst Leo DisplaySearch Taiwan Liu said, in 2011 LED demand, lighting LED for 13 billion 529 million, and backlight LED for 45 billion 969 million. The gap between the two sides is about 3.4 times. And in 2014, the demand for lighting LED and backlight LED will reach 58 billion 558 million and 50 billion 643 million, the former needs more than the latter.
The reason for lighting LED's demand for ultra backlight LED is that, with the steady popularity of LED lighting, the number of LED products per LCD backlight in each product will be reduced. LCD TV and LCD display and other large LCD panel products, is currently the driving force of the backlight LED market. The number of LED equipped in these products tends to decrease as a result of increased LED brightness and reduced product costs. Equipped with large-size LCD panel products, the LED backlight is in the popular stage, so even if the number of LED of each product with reduced, but the increase in the number of products, so the market demand has been expanding LED. However, the popularity of LED backlight will be lagging behind, and it will be impossible to rely on the increase in the number of products to make up for the reduction in the number of LED devices, so LED demand will shrink. DisplaySearch predicts that the demand for backlit LED will peak in 2013, then gradually decrease.
According to DisplaySearch introduction, LED lighting popularity will continue for some time, so demand is still expected to increase. According to DisplaySearch's Liu introduction, in 2011, LED lighting products in all lighting products accounted for only 1.9%. Even if the demand for lighting LED demand anti super backlight LED in 2014, the proportion is only 9.3%, so the growth of space is larger.


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